Eaton’s first collection

                                                                            of stories

                                                                            released May 2012

Snags and Spills


Raggedy Slipper



    Featuring "Raggedy Slipper"

       2012 Pushcart Prize nomination

Eaton’s stories investigate the lives of ordinary individuals: a mother awaiting the return of her son deployed to Iraq, a jilted wife, a teen addicted to gambling, an alcoholic vet, aging parents, teen rivals lost in the wilderness, a farmwife displaced from her dairy, and a WW II pilot whose plane explodes.  In a modern day version of Snow White, the dwarfs can’t stand the princess.

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   Emails to author from readers

“For each spill you take, you can choose to quit,

or you can choose to rise up and tackle the next hurdle. 

Your life is full of snags that can unravel.  If mended,

they can provide the strength for you to endure.” 

--Cathy Eaton