Websites for Researching

Canada, Provinces, Nova Scotia, Lighthouses, Ships. and Pirates


Good Web Resources

July 2012

Web addresses often change or websites are discontinued.  These websites may give you a starting point in your research. 

1.Think of a variety of key words that will focus your search. is an excellent site to start your research.

3.Qualify your sources or note the expertise or bias of the websites you read and use.  For example some of the websites below are created through individual’s home pages, some are web sites by students doing research, while still others are government sites or sites with a political bias.

4.Do not assume information you find on a website is accurate.  Often you have to double check information on other sites, articles, or books.

Nova Scotia and Canada

About Canada:

Fish and Water Species:

Provinces and Territories:

Nova Scotian Government website:

Pirates and Treasure

The Canadian Privateering Homepage:

Pirates: fact and legend:

Nova Scotia’s Rebels – Pirates and Privateers by Kerri Leier: (Mr. Sean Bennett's Canadian History 12 course at Horton High School in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, CANADA)

Oak Island Treasure:


Home Page of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society:


The Bluenose Homepage: