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Rusty's life-altering journey facing perils and a deadly curse on a treacherous sea

BEDFORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE - Desperate to reunite her family, Rusty Webb embarks on a life-altering trip upon the unforgiving ocean. Can this New York City teen survive the numerous threats that are mysteriously controlling the enchanted waters of Nova Scotia?  Dubbed by critics as a novel to be "devoured by readers young and old," Curse of the Pirate's Treasure (now available through AuthorHOUSE) by up-and-coming fiction writer Cathy Eaton is brimming with adventure, unusual settings and lively characters.

The novel begins when Rusty's father deserts the family to fulfill a selfish ambition in the African wilderness. This gloomy scenario drives Rusty to a Canadian fishing village, where unexpected and vicious plot twists put her life in turmoil. Using a stolen boat, Rusty sneaks off to find the elusive answers to her personal dilemmas. Along the way, a pirate treasure offers salvation. Matthew, the young man who rescued her from the perilous trip, adds excitement and drama to Rusty's otherwise discouraging life. To succeed Rusty must confront the bitter challenges of nature and bravely swim the tides of change. Eventually she learns more about friendship, family ties, and her own strengths and weaknesses.

Soaked with visually breathtaking settings and colorful characters, Curse of the Pirates Treasure invites the readers to take a peek into the life of a teenager in crisis. Eaton, who studied literature at Oxford University, Smith College, and Bread Loaf School of English, effectively and eloquently probes into the delicate issues concerning teenage angst and rebellion. Hailed by critics, editors, and educators as a “novel of conflict and redemption,” this mystery/adventure entices young adult readers into a world “where evil exists but does not win.”

An outdoor sports aficionado, Eaton currently teaches fiction writing at New Hampshire Technical Institute. She began working on Curse of the Pirate's Treasure while teaching at the University of North Carolina and raising her sons, Colin and Devon. The setting of Eaton's book relives her many summers with her grandfather in Deep Cove and Nova Scotia  -- memorable places that continue to invigorate Eaton's heart.  She now resides in Bedford, New Hampshire.

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