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Michael Phillipps (fiction writer) reviews stories from Snags and Spills

“bold and inventive use of language and an intelligence that always resists the commonplace . . . unafraid of taking creative risks . . . distinct characters . . .vivid with sensory detail . . . intensely focused on the psychological. . .  always full of surprises.”

Email to Author from GLB (graduate of Smith College)

“When I read “Raggedy Slipper” I was amazed how much information, description and life there is in so few pages. “Dress Rehearsal for Dying” touched my heart because I knew the real life story. “You Can't Help Yourself” was a beautiful insight into the difficulties of your dad. I thought the “Cavern Tavern” was a stitch. What a twist on an old tale! “One Final Spin” broke my heart, and “Breathing Room” underscored how painful and sad it is to take someone's true life love's away, but the joy of finding them again. Each in its own story was captivating and provocative.”

Email to author from MLB (retired librarian)

“Thank you for sending along your book so promptly. I started it yesterday, thinking I'd dip into the stories bit by bit over time, but found myself drawn in and reading story after story. The themes of loss and death brought tears several times, some for your experience with your own parents and some in remembrance of that time with my father, who died at 57 from colon cancer. I particularly liked that the structure and language were straightforward and spare, while the effect was still descriptive and affecting.

Well done! Thanks from a grateful reader and impressed friend.”

Email to author from Nate (middle school teacher)

        “Just reread Raggedy Slipper.  Superb!”

“Raggedy Slipper” chosen as “good stuff to read in places you wouldn’t normally look” on August 15, 2011.