Chapter Summaries



1.  BOULDER COVE -- Deserted by her father and uprooted from NYC by her mother (Sheila), thirteen-year-old Rusty Webb arrives in a tiny Canadian fishing village.  Left alone on her first morning, Rusty sets out to explore and tumbles into the ocean, smacking her head on a submerged boulder.

2.  FISHERMAN'S UNHEEDED WARNINGS -- After fishing Rusty out of the ocean, Alex Dupont tries to claim a tarnished pirate coin, which played a part in Rusty’s rescue.  Neither Rusty nor Alex identifies the clues in the rescue, hinting at the aid of a pirate ghost.  Alex calms a hysterical Sheila, who fears Rusty has drowned. 

3.  FISHING FIASCO -- Rusty and Sheila, confronted with a dirty, worn-out cabin, team up to create a home.  In a gutsy attempt to save them money, Rusty steals a rowboat so she can catch fish.  Rough waves dump out the oars, marooning her in the middle of a brewing storm.

4.  ADRIFT -- Unable to design a makeshift sail, Rusty battles the rising wind and waves.  Contemptuous fifteen-year-old Matthew Brady rescues Rusty and earns her enmity when he threatens to tell her mom how careless and stupid she has been.  He conceals from Rusty's prying eyes his pirate-forged pennant.

PRISONER -- Grounded for two weeks, Rusty feels trapped and yearns to

contact her absent father.  Rusty and Sheila form an uneasy truth when Rusty learns why her mom detests Boulder Cove.

6. THIEF-- Rusty spies an intruder, who tries to steal her pirate coin.  She tackles Nick Brady, a nine-year-old crippled by polio. Nick recounts tales about hidden treasure and his pirate ancestor, Captain Nicholas.  With Alex's aid, they repair Nick's broken brace and discover a common adversary: Matthew, Nick’s brother.

HOUSEWARMING – In order to build a tree house, Rusty and Nick steal

boards from Matthew.  Matthew disgraces his father by causing his soccer team to loose the championship game.  The angry teen is ready to do battle.

8.  FEUD -- Seeking revenge, Matthew and his two slick city friends, Derrik and James, sabotage the tree house.  In retaliation, Rusty and Nick slip a skunk into their clubhouse.  When Nick's lobster traps are stolen, the feud escalates.

BAITING THE TRAP -- Alex, Rusty, and Nick concoct an elaborate plot, which

involves trapping valuable snipes, a rare bird.  They trick Matthew and his friends into keeping a late night rendezvous.

10.  REVENGE STINKS -- During a midnight snipe hunt, Rusty lures Matthew, Derrik, and James into a manure-filled field.   The three teenage boys try to outwit Rusty and Nick.  Fighting pirates and swooping ghosts terrify the three boys.

11.  SOCCER MANIA -- After videotaping his soccer errors, Matthew's father humiliates him in front of his friends.  Matthew retaliates by recklessly driving his motorboat while drinking beer.  The bitter teen becomes infuriated when his father confiscates his boat keys and bans him from the annual Lobster Festival.

12.  THE LOBSTER FESTIVAL -- Alex coaxes Rusty and a reluctant Sheila to join the fishing village feast, dance, and fireworks.  For the first time, Rusty and her mom feel part of the community.  Their happiness is shattered when they return home to a ransacked cabin.

13.  RUINED -- It seems Sheila and Rusty must leave their newfound friends and lose their home because their computer equipment and money have been stolen.  Turning detective, Rusty discovers who the burglars are.  She is forced to conceal their identity.

14.  SEA WITCH MAGIC -- Nick and Rusty are desperate to find funds so they can undo the damage of the robberies and save Matthew from jail.  They enlist the aid of Granny Brady, a reclusive healer, who lives aboard a fishing vessel moored in a meadow.  Granny Brady, a survivor of a hurricane that claimed the life of her husband, has firsthand knowledge of her pirate relative.  She tests Rusty’s courage and agrees to help.

15.  THE TREASURE MAP -- Rusty and Nick form an uneasy truce with Matthew.  Granny Brady reveals the island where Captain Nicholas's treasure is buried.  She recounts how she found the condemned pirate's map, which is filled with riddles and drawings.

16.  RIDDLES -- Secretly, Rusty, Matthew, and Nick motor to an abandoned island.  The tricky map clues prove one dead end after another.  They are running out of time.

THE CURSE STALKS -- Victory seems to be theirs when they discover the

cave where the treasure is hidden.  The stakes are suddenly raised when Rusty tumbles into a pit and looses consciousness.

18.  THE CURSE STRIKES -- Matthew lowers Nick into the pit.  While trying to help the unconscious Rusty, Nick discovers a wooden chest.  When he attempts to dislodge it, he triggers another trap, and the pit is flooded with water.  Death by drowning is imminent.

19.  THE GHOST OF CAPTAIN NICHOLAS -- A ghostly pirate tries to undo the danger his curse and traps have placed Rusty and Nick in.  A fierce storm hinders their escape.

20.  INTRUDERS -- Their boat disappears.  Gunshots trap the three inside the cave.  Alex, Sheila, and the Sea Witch locate the missing treasure seekers.  They open the wooden chest.  A fabulous fortune!

21.TARNISHED ARMOR -- Instant fame threatens Boulder Cove.  Reporters

and tourists overwhelm the villagers, who begin hawking tacky treasure and pirate souvenirs.  Rusty's father appears.  Taking control, he pressures Rusty and Sheila to return to NYC where he has found a job.

22.  ACHING Farewells – Rusty heart is torn between her desire to stay in Boulder Cove and her belief that returning to NYC will patch the strained relationship between her parents.  Painful goodbyes to Granny Brady, Alex, and Matthew and Nick shake her resolve to keep the family together.

23.  HOMESICK -- Rusty hates how her father has bullied her into selling the treasure story to the media.  With her mother’s support, Rusty choose to return to Boulder Cove where the two of them can decide their future without the pressuring presence of her dad, the man they thought was essential to their happiness.

24.  CAPTAIN NICHOLAS FAREWELL GIFT -- Rusty is greeted by masquerading pirates.  More of Captain Nicholas’s role is helping Rusty, Matthew, and Nick is revealed.  The friends discuss a way to lift the curse.